How Too is elated to announce that they are a recipient of the Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Lisa Vincent, How Too co-founder, explains that the economic support will help expand the How Too team, provide business opportunities by engaging with experts, and increase the development of the software through new opportunities for commercialisation.

“This grant will help us accelerate our growth in Australia, implement our global strategy and position the company for series A funding,” Lisa says.

The grant creates economic opportunities in Australia by assisting start-ups, researchers and entrepreneurs commercialise their new technology. By providing this economic assistance to start-up companies, the grant assists with the commercialisation of new intellectual property, creates new businesses, and facilitates greater commercial and economic returns for research and development investment, which drives business growth.

Since the How Too launch in February many large corporate and Government clients have come on board. Co-founder, Jenny Barltrop, is especially interested to see how the grant will assist How Too in catering to the increasing demand for digital learning both in Australia and overseas. 

“The timing of this grant is impeccable - there’s a huge demand for software that helps people convert their content into engaging, accessible digital learning” Jenny explains.

How Too is looking forward to seeing how the grant will assist with the commercialisation of their product in the coming period.